Lead SRE/DevOps Engineer

Software Engineering · London, London, City of
Department Software Engineering
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor

Title: Lead SRE/DevOps Engineer

Team: DevOps

Reporting To: Head of Platform & Architecture

Primary Purpose of Role

As a Lead SRE/DevOps Engineer, your primary responsibility is to your team, leading and helping them build a platform that meets or exceeds the demands of the business product.
The Platform is your team’s product; facilitating maintenance, design, documentation, and improvement are essential to building a product that customers love.
In addition to this, you are responsible for managing the risk and scalability of the Platform. You encourage and advocate best practices over re-inventing the wheel and promote innovation within your team and the wider engineering community.
You are a crucial individual in bridging the gap between your team and the rest of the business. You are expected to maintain and communicate a reasonable expectation between technical excellence, tech-debt and business requirements.
It is important that this is achieved as a team and you should avoid becoming a ‘single point of failure’. You are an enabler for your team and the rest of the business (Servant leadership), by mentoring, pairing and knowledge sharing.
Finally, and possibly most importantly, you enjoy your work. You inspire your team to learn and have fun through your enthusiasm, even with challenging or time-consuming tasks.

Core Accountabilities

• Product focussed; Build once and reuse.
• Lead and mentor your team of engineers to become a collaborative, self-organising team.
• Comfortable with giving and receiving constructive feedback to help your team grow.
• Work with Product Owners/Leaders and maintain positive relationships with Business stakeholders.
• Support your wider engineering community by assisting other teams, sharing knowledge, debugging problems, and peer-reviewing.
• Promote a Cloud Native strategy within your team and the business.
• Encourage best practices, standards and innovation.
• Improve all aspects of the software development life cycle, including (but not limited to) AWS Architecture, CI/CD, Dev tooling, Microservices architecture and customer experience.
• Automating tasks using scalable approaches and reducing toil.


• Proven experience working in an Agile environment with good understanding of Scrum, Kanban & Lean
• 3+ Years experience in working with Cloud-based applications in AWS.
• 3+ Years experience in DevOps/SRE Role
• 3+ Years experience in a Senior/Lead role, working within a team.


Must haves:

• Good understanding of Core concepts:
     o DevOps and SRE principles
     o Containerisation (Docker, K8s, etc)
     o Service Oriented Architecture & Microservices Architecture
     o Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Tooling (Jenkins, CodeBuild, CircleCI, etc)
     o Build/Test/Deployment Automation
     o GitOps/GitFlow/GitHubFlow
     o Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, CloudFormation, etc)
• Proven experience working with AWS Cloud (EC2, ECS, RDS, VPC, Lambda, SecretsManager, etc)
• Basic understanding of Networking (Routing, DNS, NAT, etc)
• Experience with Linux/Unix/Windows servers
• Configuration Management tools (Packer, Ansible, Chef, etc)
• Some experience with Programming languages / Scripting (Bash, Python, Go, etc) and a basic understanding of Commercial Software Development


• Good knowledge of Software Engineering principles/design patterns such as 12FactorApp and OOD
• Experience with Serverless technologies (Lambda, Fargate, etc)
• Monitoring Systems (ELK, DataDog, Nagios, Grafana, Prometheus, etc)
• AWS Certification


Computer Science degree or equivalent preferred.

AWS Certification optional. None mandatory.

Applicants must have the legal right to live and work in the United Kingdom

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